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I love writing, and plan to do much more. It’ll be my way of contributing to The Care Combine – that’s where all the proceeds from my published books will go.

The titles here are all available on Amazon, but I’m Alain Miles there. (There was already someone who published as Alan Miles so I couldn’t be him. Al Ain in the UAE was where Lena and I spent one of our first weekends together way back, so Alain seemed like a good idea at the time. It’s caused endless confusion.)


The Lebanese Troubles

Today it’s Syria. Back in the 1970s and 80s it was neighbouring Lebanon that went through 15 years of civil war, But the armed struggle is just the backdrop to a story of personal conflict and betrayal as English teacher Richard and his wife Claire find themselves falling under the spell of madcap American journalist Lawrence and his Palestinian girlfriend Monique. War doesn’t just destroy cities.

Reviewers say:

“A smartly written tale of intrigue and betrayal”
“Brimming with magic and mystery”
“A fast-paced yet nuanced story of shattered relationships in an absorbing foreign setting of historical importance”
“One of the best choices available to put on a Kindle.”

More details at,, or your local Amazon store.


Waiting For Orders

It started as a routine training mission in the desert. How was old Gray to know that he was about to become Las Vegas’s biggest star … and end up changing history?

In this short sharp satire, you’ll learn the truth about everything – science, religion, climate-change, consumerism, terrorism, and Wordsworth. That’s some value for 99p!

Reviewer eCapris liked it:

‘I read through the first quarter of it without knowing what I was in for. Well played, Mr. Miles. As soon as I reached that sentence (that hinge, that sentence that makes you stop short and go “Wait a second…”), I had to click back and make sure I hadn’t gone mentally astray at some point.

I hadn’t. The story goes somewhere I never would have expected, an intellectual space that is usually reserved for children and romantic picnickers. But not here – “Waiting for Orders” readers are allowed a little brain play.

And the ending! Boy, I didn’t see that coming either. It ended rather abruptly for my taste; I wanted more! The quick-draw ending doesn’t soften the piece, though. It just leaves the reader itching for more Miles.’

I think it’s my favourite too. Here are the links:



Pilate’s Bag

Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn’t a gym accessory. It’s the Pontus kind of Pilate and a 30 pieces of silver style of bag. (I really must work on my titles.)

As usual in my books, it’s a villain in the spotlight, and this time the biggest baddie of them all, Judas Iscariot – that’s Jude to his friends. I felt it only fair that we should hear his side of the story – and what a steamy, shocking tale it turns out to be, with provocative parallels to twenty-first century events.

Short enough to read on the morning commute; deep enough, I hope, to keep you thinking the rest of the day.

I don’t recommend you show it to the Sunday School teacher though.

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